The Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Ali Pirhani

Education of Dr. Ali Pirhani

  • BA in English Literature – 2003
  • MA in English Teaching – 2007
  • Phd in English Teaching – 2012

Major authorship and Research Projects of Dr. Ali Pirhani

  • Translating Nahj-al-Balagha into French
  • 18 scientific papers in the fields of instructing foreign languages and cognition
  • Author of the book Keys of Learning Foreign Languages

Major Executive Records of Dr. Ali Pirhani

  • President`s counsellor of ECO Cultural Institute
  • Managing director of polyglotage center
  • Counsellor of Shahid Beheshti University
  • International & human resources advisor of CIP(Imam Khomeini Airport)
  • International advisor of Iran Medical Science University
  • Head of foreign languages faculty at Shahid Beheshti University
  • Advisor in social group of IRIB 3
  • International advisor of Jam-e-Jam TV network
  • Head of Persian Language Scout Project
  • Manager of Aria Translators Club
  • Research assistant in SinaTaher Organization
  • International advisor of the Nahj al-Balagha organization
  • International advisor of Meraj Airlines
  • Advisor of Farabi Cinema Foundation
  • Counsellor of Iran Language Institute


  • Member of the UN Pilot Area Team
  • Member of the bright talents of Iran Young Researchers` club
  • Member of the editorial team at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science
  • Member of the Research council of ECO Cultural Institute
  • Member of the planning research center of intercultural studies of Azad University