The missions

The missions of “Polyglotage” and “Language Academy of kids and adolescents”

Polyglotage with the aim to improve the quality of foreign language teaching in Iran and to ease the process of language learning for various social strata has stepped into the realm of education. The center offers various courses which are based on extensive scientific research in the field of language learning. So that everyone with different learning styles, varying academic levels and diverse needs of foreign language study enjoys appropriate teaching methodologies.
Language academy of kids and adolescents aims to produce appropriate patterns of thinking and behavior in kids, teenagers and adolescents besides language teaching on the basis of cognitive principles of learning and psychology of young learners. The academy is about to find some effective solutions according to linguistic and psychological principles to solve teaching problems. Beside these goals, the main aim of the academy and the center is to grow up students who deeply believe in "we learn to be a better person".