Polyglotage aims to do macro research projects on polyglotism / multilingualism

Learning foreign languages has always been of overriding importance throughout the history of mankind, and many people have been thoroughly engaged in learning the languages of other clans and nations. Some people, though extremely few in number, have mastered as many as 2 to 5 languages, while others have not managed to accomplish this objective. That polyglotism has occurred so rarely can be accounted for by referring to a variety of reasons: few occasions for communication, limited opportunities of learning foreign languages, lack of printing presses and reliable dictionaries, a dearth of mass media such as radio, television, Internet, and satellite TV, to name a few only. As time went by, after the development of technology and international communications, today's world sees the emergence of polyglot geniuses like Dr. Ali Pirhani, a young Iranian genius. Ali Pirhani is now capable of speaking as many as 22 different languages. His linguistic competence is so extraordinarily high that linguistic theories have fallen short of providing an explanation or analysis of the complexity of his language learning abilities.