The Course of E-learning

The current course is the result of Dr. Ali Pirhani’s in-depth and assiduous scientific researches on E-learning and distance teaching. In this course, the languages of English, German and French are taught in three successive levels, namely the beginner, intermediate and advanced ones, each takes about four months. The students are supposed to sit a placement test in the first place, and then are connected to their teachers according to their proven level of proficiency. The teachers collaborating with Polyglotage have already passed the courses under Dr. Pirhani’s supervision and are highly experienced in distance teaching of foreign languages. The student should call his teacher twice a week, 15 minutes for each session, during which he is taught the lessons and his problems are solved. The student must get in touch with his teacher via telephone and access the online materials through the webpage of the center and a password that they receive from the headquarters. In addition, he must call his teacher and take a proficiency exam on a monthly basis.


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