The Visions

The Visions of Polyglotage

Polyglotage has done extensive and consolidated activities for innovating new methodologies and materials before starting to work officially. This research center annually submits several ISI articles on psychology of teaching and learning, and linguistic aspects of language learning. The center holds lots of scientific assemblies of inter-connected fields' experts to improve its educational system and models. The significance of Polyglotage  What actually distinguishes learning foreign languages at this center from other institutes is that educational materials are designed based on cultural and linguistic backgrounds of Farsi speakers. So the learners will be able to make a meaningful relationship with learning a foreign language.

  •  Idea: To establish the idea of multilingualism as something natural and not something strange or mythical.
  •   Help: To help foreign language learners master their target foreign languages.
  •  Develop: To develop an effective methodology for language teaching and learning.
  •   Research: To gather and support researches on bilingualism and multilingualism.
  • Needs: To design new educational materials based on the linguistic needs of learners.
  •  W3C: To provide a center for the multilingual people in the world to be in touch with each other and share their ideas through the World Wide Web facilities.